taekwondo it is a term that comes from Korean and that refers to a martial art of the same origin. East sport combines techniques of Kung Fu , he karate Do and other older disciplines.

The expression is formed by three terms: tae (which refers to the use of feet ), Kwon (linked to arms and fists ) and do (a philosophical notion that is associated with road to perfection ). The phrase "taekwondo", therefore, refers to the use of the feet and hands in a technique which, by extension, does not appeal to any kind of weaponry.

In recent decades there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who proceed to practice the aforementioned sports discipline at hand. This is because it has been made public that brings with it a remarkable series of advantages, among which we would highlight the following:
-Allows you to keep fit.
-Reduce the chances of suffering from obesity to cardiovascular problems.
-Increases considerably what are the reflexes.
-It is considered that in the case of children and adolescents it helps them to acquire a healthy habit such as sport, in addition to values ​​such as respect, effort or discipline, among others.

Like other martial arts, in taekwondo there are belts that reflect the degree of skill achieved by the practitioner. Once the athlete reaches the black belt (maximum grade), you can continue advancing until you reach the 9th DAN , which is the qualification highest. An instructor is in charge of evaluating the applicant to determine if he can advance in grade.

It is interesting to know the meaning of the different shades of belts that are achieved in the aforementioned sports discipline:
-Black comes to be synonymous with maturity, knowledge.
-Red is identified by being the one who represents those who are preparing to achieve perfection in this sport.
-The blue, which determines that it is the sky towards which the plant grows and matures.
-The green comes to be represented as a synonym for strength and reborn plant.
-Orange, are the first rays of sun that the aforementioned plant is able to perceive.
-Yellow identifies with the earth.
-White is synonymous with purity and innocence.

The taekwondo uniform includes, in addition to the belt, a suit of practice . This martial art can be practiced with special footwear or even barefoot.

No less important is to know that in taekwondo athletes can make use of the following “tools”, among others:
-Kicks, such as the side, the front, the wide circular ... They are aimed, above all, to hit the trunk or the head of the rival.
-Locks, which are defense techniques.
- Direct blows with the fist.

It is important to note that there are two great variants of taekwondo: the ITF taekwondo (of the International Taekwondo Federation ) and the taekwondo WTF (of the World Taekwondo Federation ).

Since 2000 , he taekwondo WTF be part of Olympic Games (before, twice, it had been presented as an exhibition in it event ). That is why this discipline is also known as Olympic taekwondo . The WTF , on the other hand, organizes the World Taekwondo Championship .